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This is a copy of the telegram that ordered the ceasefire on 11th November, 1918. It was sent to us by the signatory's grandson, Mr Robert Dobbie, who retains an interest in the Church Stretton Area community.

Robert explained that "His is the only signature authorising the Order so he always claimed that he had stopped the Great War single handed!  The list of addressees is interesting.  It is tragic that several thousand soldiers died between 0650 hrs and 1100 hrs, when the order came into force."

Armistice Order 1918.JPG
Lt Col W G S Dobbie.jpg

Lt Col W G S Dobbie, sole signatory of the telegram ordering the ceasefire

Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museum © IWM HU 121315

Little Stretton, Church Stretton, All Stretton

Stretton WW1 Soldiers on War Memorials

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